Is there local support in my city?

Currently Calibre has offices in Australia only (Sydney and Melbourne).  However, we offer clients business hours support wherever they are globally using phone, email and web-conference facilities. 


If I use Calibre to explain my Investment Process to clients, will I lose my branding and unique visual style?

Calibre's presentation mode allows your logos and colour palettes to be used when show-casing your process to clients. The content of the Calibre Workspace is already highly customised to your style, so combined the look and feel is unique to your team.


Where are the reported financials and market data sourced from?

Calibre sources a significant portion of its traditional datasets from Morningstar.

Can I upload my internal datasets to Calibre?

Yes.  The Information Connect module allows you to create regular uploads of information to the server, and keeps this information secure (available only to your team). 

I am interested in a new dataset not available in Calibre - can I request it?

Absolutely.  Our plan is to significantly expand the datasets available using Connect over the next 12 months and it would be helpful to understand what you need.  If you wish to integrate a dataset you have access to without advertising its availability to the wider user base of Calibre, please contact us.

Trialling and buying Calibre

Can I try Calibre?

You can register for a trial and we will notify you when the trial system is ready. Development is underway and we expect the initial launch to be in Q2 2016. The first 10 organisations to register will get access to an early pilot program which will be free and will give these organisations a high level of input into additions to the product.  We will then launch the unlimited release of Calibre once the pilot is successfully completed.

How much does Calibre cost?

The price has not been finalised yet, however, we expect it will be very competitive with other institutional grade products for research teams.  There will be no server or implementation charges and the fees will be a monthly rolling charge in advance with no commitment required. 


Is my data safe?

We use Amazon for our server infrastructure, accessing their world-class infrastructure and security techniques.  All client applications communicate with the servers using secure technologies.  If required we also can establish whitelists for your server to prevent access from IP addresses not directly owned by your organisation.

Can other organisations see my data?

Absolutely not.  Any data you load into the servers is compartmentalised in the database and available to your team only.


What is the difference between Calibre SaaS and the existing enterprise product I am using?

Firstly, the SaaS product is a major rewrite of the interfaces to Calibre. These changes will be rolled out to the enterprise product also, while the enterprise product will keep its advanced features which are relied on by enterprise clients.  The second major change is that some of the advanced features have been disabled.  This is to make the SaaS product easier to support and setup for new clients.  Finally, the SaaS product comes integrated with datasets which were not originally available when the enterprise product was originally released.  These datasets will be made available to enterprise clients over time - we will discuss this with you before making any changes.

Why has Calibre developed the new SaaS offering?

To provide better service to our clients.  Our experience with enterprise clients has strengthened our belief that the ability to quickly deliver a solution that is also highly customisable is the number one goal we needed to aim for.  Turn-key systems, integrated data, and a mobile-ready interface are required in addition to our existing strengths in research management, valuation, modelling and process visualisation.  We expect that the new version will bring a better outcome for existing clients as well as bring the Calibre experience to a much broader range of clients.

If I stop using Calibre can I get my information back?

Yes. Calibre will extract all of your internal research and financial information and provide it to you in compressed .csv files and structured directories (in the case of research).