Your Investment Process, Optimised.


Information Management

Information Connect

Calibre provides a wide range of superior datasets to integrate into your process. We capture traditional research, estimates and market data for all key global markets as well as economic fundamentals, industry data and wide ranging 'big data' feeds.  Through Information Connect we link these varied external datasets into our Investor Model.This allows you to connect data sources to a Sector, Industry or Company.  Information Connect will continue to update the information over time - allowing you to focus on changes that impact the investment thesis.

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Calibre's unique approach to keeping you informed - our notifications present you with the most useful view of what has happened since you last logged in.  These notifications relate to inferred connections between the analyst, companies, geographical regions and commodities, as well as direct coverage and watchlist style associations.  Our tools give you a system for addressing new events, deferring them for later or linking them in novel ways to companies or other analysts.

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Calibre's user-defined text boxes, checklists and structured scorecards allow you to capture detailed qualitative analysis using techniques you value.  New analysts are educated and experienced team members are reminded to focus on the fundamentals that matter to your investment process.

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Calibre's web interface, Word plugin and iPad app remove the double-typing and drudgery of reviewing presentations and taking notes at company meetings - making your team more productive.  Broker events can be viewed and attendance accepted.  Notes can also be attached to meetings and companies for later team sharing and review.

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Valuation and Analysis

Excel Modelling

Calibre's sophisticated Excel plugin supports your existing rich company-specific models.  The model management system keep the latest 'clean' model version and uses it to generate extra scenario information.  Drive the models from team-level assumptions and extract quality-checked estimates into your process views.

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Sector Valuations

Calibre's standardised industry templates allows your team to quickly generate standardised valuations models in the Workspace or Excel.  These are based on reported financials and broker estimates where available.  The outputs can be fed back in to the system and use in the filtering stages of your process. 

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You can request your key-relationship brokers to provide you with standardised sector-specific estimate feeds of their coverage universe.  These estimates are very detailed compared to those available in other systems and are customisable for your needs.

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The Calibre Excel plugin and Workspace allow proprietary analysis to be created and optionally integrated to the investment process views.  The rich domain model means novel factors can be derived and shared with your team.

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Process Visualisation


The proliferation of information has made data overload a key challenge for investment teams.  Process Builder inverts the problem by starting with the investment process and working back to data sources that are required to generate alpha.  Notifications alert the user to relevant changes based on the factors and research that the systems knows (or can infer) you are interested in.  This unique approach is the best way to control data and put it to work.

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Under Development

Calibre allows investors to identify those factors which drive earnings, valuations and share prices. These factors relationships can be populated using overlays of quantitative regression testing, qualitative assessment and company model assumption scenarios.  This novel approach allows each approach to cross-check the others. Using powerful visualisation models, Calibre Factor Mapping allows analysts to monitor hundreds of data factors across thousands of securities and see where changes may present opportunity.  Without factor mapping and visualisation models, analysts are soon overwhelmed and opportunities are missed.


Under Development

Allocate companies or sectors to your team members and track this coverage over time.  Use this information to view analyst activities on related companies such as research created and estimates revised.



Under Development

View decisions made over time in terms of the team's theoretical approach and expected alpha-generating factors to see where improvements can be made.  The retrospectives module completes the circle, and provides the information your team needs to go back to Process Builder and make process changes.