Calibre "Process Builder" : Strengthen your process

If you have met with Calibre previously - our new platform is something very different.

We've been helping Funds Managers to improve their research systems for more than 15 years and our latest SAAS platform starts with all the research tools you need but crucially adds an Investment Process focus that is a unlike any other system.

Many funds managers see the current pressure on active managers as creating a strong case to invest in making teams more productive and systematic.

Here are 5 ways it can improve your research process:


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#1 Access your Research ON THE go

You can now view and capture your research and estimates (broker or your team's) on a smartphone or tablet (e.g. iPad). We've designed it to work well in a company meeting, on the train or anywhere your internet connection is not perfect or you don't have a Windows desktop environment.

We've also listened when our current users said speed is very important - we think you'll be impressed with how well it works.

#2 Replace emails with something better

If you use emails to share research notes or interesting information about a company, we think there's a better way.  It's hard to come back later and find all the relevant information about a company or sector - emails can get lost in the daily 'flood'.

Calibre research sharing uses 'following' and an understanding of your portfolio idea funnel to make sure each team member who needs to know gets a news event.

Just as important, your team can later on see all the research related to the company in one place.

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#3 View and UPDATE Excel Models on iPad

View the latest version (or an older version) of your Company Models, with the latest input data refreshed. Integration with Excel for iPad gives you the ability to experiment with estimates away from your desktop.

You can save a new version and update the estimates and valuation your team can see, all while traveling.

Like to see how this works? Watch this 3 minute video.

#4 Store all research in one place

Currently CalibreRMS helps you to capture all estimates (broker and your team) and market data in one place.

Process Builder takes this further: It brings your models, Notes, meetings and a new set of customisable Scorecards and Process Views all into a single platform.

Why is this important? Your Portfolio Managers can access everything important in one place - if they decide to look at an idea, they can access all research we have with a couple of button clicks.

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#5 Capture your process

Process Builder allows you 'drag and drop' to define your process steps and monitor changes and generating events for your team.

Think of the many small productivity wins this will give you.

An example: We set up a process step to meet all companies on our 'buy' list every 9 months. Process builder captures the meetings and notes and will warn the analyst that a meeting is due.