Introducing Analysts Notes

Purpose-built for buy-side Analysts


Calibre have just released a note-taking solution that is purpose-built for analysts and portfolio managers.  A complete end-to-end research management solutions for the buy-side.


Calibre Analyst Notes gives analysts the bespoke tools to do their job faster and more efficiently that existing solutions



The problems analysts experience with existing note-taking solutions


#1 Creating and capturing notes

Having an efficient way to capture the valuable information during company meetings has been a perennial challenge for analysts. Some analysts use Evernote, others OneNote or email.  Some still prefer a notepad and pen. The problem with these existing solutions is they merely capture information, but do not give the information context.  The notes captured are alien to the broader investment thesis on the company.


#2 Searching and storing notes

Efficiently storing the notes during the company meetings and touch-points and then easily searching for them later has been an enduring problem for analysis. With existing solutions, the meeting notes take sit in a silo, external to the investment thesis or the broader implications on the company. Analysts have to expend unnecessary time connecting the dots and finding all the disparate pieces of research. This is invariably exacerbated during reporting season. 


#3 Finding a note while travelling

Accessing past meeting notes or research whilst on the road is key challenge for many analysts.  Existing solutions often do not provide access to all the documents an analysts needs. This is a key frustration for analysts. Some analysts spend considerable time collating all the required documents and then printing them off before each company meetings.  Others send these documents to a cloud storage service like DropBox. Others similar keep the required documents open on their iPad or laptop for easy reference. There is a better way...


#4 Sharing a note with the team

Often email is used to notify team members on the meeting notes.  Analysts struggle to automate their entire process including notifying their team members of the meeting notes.  Moreover, analysts constantly have difficultly in quickly synthesizing automating the information contained in the notes and any potential changes to the the investment thesis. 



Why use Calibre versus a general-purpose system?


#1: Why Evernote and email are no good

Existing tools like Evernote, OneNote and email have your notes stored separately to your process and silo your information and insights.  Existing tools are great for simply capturing data. However, they are not process and investment thesis aware.  these notetaking solutions means that searching is not easily accomplished.  <Separate journey or though piece: Why Tagging is costing you insights>

Most importantly, existing solutions are not investment systems, they are general purpose systems that is not fit for purpose for the workflows of analysts today.


How Calibre Analyst Notes helps

Calibre gives you the ability to capture rich notes that are process aware.

Analyst notes are stored in a structured framework, as a time-series and against the company.

#2: On the road access and portability

Analysts demand the ability to put the meeting notes in when in front of a CEO, during a conference call, or the company offices in a remote location. They also want the ability to access all of there models, financials and previous notes for reference. Access and portability of the entire body of knowledge relating to a company is the key to making the right decision.

Existing solutions enable analysts to enter notes where-ever they maybe. However, by virtue of their intended and singular purpose, existing solutions do not facilitate the access and portability of the entire research and analysis stack on the company.  This curtails information leverage which degrades the timeliness and value of the investment thesis.  This ultimately impacts the ability of analysts and portfolio managers to act in a fully informed way to extract opportunities, before their rivals do.


How Calibre Analyst Notes helps

Calibre unifies your note-taking with your entire research and analysis stack.

Have access to all your research on the company at any time.

See a complete history of all the meeting notes

Access your financials, models and scorecards right there in the meeting and make the alpha linkages quicker than your rivals.

#3:  Structured notes templates that are customised for you

Every analyst and asset manager are unique in the way they extract insights from company meetings and touch points.

Existing solutions are not purpose built to capture and harness the uniqueness of these meeting workflow.  Furthermore, they are unable to extract insights or to make investment decision making easier.         


How Calibre Analyst Notes helps

Analysts use customised notes templates that are purpose-built for their unique note-taking process.

Have the choice of using quick notes that are unstructured through to capturing data in highly structured note templates that can be extricated into time-series views later on



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Why Calibre?

At Calibre we have been helping asset managers with their research and investment processes for almost 20 years. Our expertise is used and trusted by top-tier fund managers because we are a proven solution that they have worked with over time.