Our Clients

Some of the world’s largest asset managers trust Calibre. More than $130Bn is actively managed using Calibre RMS , by top-tier Australian and international funds.

  • Our clients are active managers of various styles, sizes and geographical locations.

  • Our clients are within the top 10 largest asset managers globally.

  • Our clients are within the top 10 largest asset managers in Asia, including Japan.

  • Diverse Australian clients from large funds to specialist boutiques.

  • We work with all the major sell-side houses.


Who We Are

From our experience working for fund managers, stock exchanges and investment banks, we recognised that the asset management industry needed solutions that were purpose-built for their unique needs. This was the catalyst behind Calibre almost 20 years ago.

Calibre was established in Sydney, Australia by David Snowsill and Martin Duggan in 1999. We are one of Australia's very first FinTechs and have a global client base. 

Although the team has grown over this time, the two co-founders continue to remain closely involved in the innovation, engineering and client engagement behind Calibre. 

David Snowsill   CEO and Co-founder

David Snowsill

CEO and Co-founder

Martin Duggan   Co-founder

Martin Duggan


Our Team and Support

We are a team of technologists and investment professionals.

Part of our success has been in building a team of specialists that understand the unique challenges facing active managers.

We are known throughout the industry (both buy-side and brokers) for excellent support and customising solutions for our clients and broker partners.

Our Fintech roots and new SaaS-based capabilities ensures continuous innovation to meet the evolving needs of our diverse clients.

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Our Focus

We cater specifically to the needs of the active management industry. We solve the critical problems around the investment process for our global clients. We see the investment process as the prime differentiator and key competitive advantage of active managers. 

We have almost 20 years of experience advising, building and customising research and investment process systems. Our strong investment consulting experience over this time is encapsulated in Calibre Process Builder, our enterprise-grade asset management product suite. 

Over the past two decades we have invested heavily in our IP and technology portfolio. We leverage this extensive technology portfolio to solve our clients' challenges. Our technology driven solutions helps our clients gain an asymmetric advantage over peers. Our clients harness our IP and technology stack for rapid results, rather than attempting to build it themselves.


Our History

Phase 1 - A Quant Genesis

EPS Revisions data from multiple custom broker feeds. Broker feeds normalised, validated and managed using Calibre algorithms.


Calibre was established in 1999 in Sydney, Australia. We were initially focused on quant processes and custom broker data feeds.

Our focus was on building APIs and rich Excel integrations to automatically manage the custom broker feeds used by quant teams. These were highly customisable, rich and sector specific feeds. 

Our broker feed solutions and data infrastructure replaced existing in-house systems. They gave our clients a highly customised, off-the-shelf capability without the long project time-frames or large capital investments.

Our first client was the National Mutual quant team where we set up all their quant processes and data feeds infrastructure.

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Phase 2 - Fundamental Teams & Cloud Hosting

Calibre Workspace server hosted on the cloud.

Calibre CRMS Excel model integration.


During the second phase of our growth, we broadened our solutions to encompass fundamental equity teams.  We recognised that fundamental equity teams required many of the same solutions as our quant clients. We provided fundamental teams with the same data and features as our quant clients but in a easy to configure form with control panels.

We also provided our clients with solutions to unify their internal models and estimates with the customised broker data feeds.

During this time, we also broadened our capabilities to encompass the qualitative aspects of research and analysis. We provided our clients with solutions to manage and customise both internal and broker research with easy to use control panels.  This removed the the need for dedicated analysts assigned to the task. The solutions we provided to fundamental teams were fed back to quant teams that wanted access and leverage to this rich and highly customised data.

This phase of our history saw us moving our product suites to be cloud server hosted.  This gave our clients additional deployment, cost, redundancy and efficiency benefits and meant they could access our solutions from anywhere in the world.

At the same time, our highly customised capabilities provided us with growth opportunities from clients throughout Asia and our home market of Australia.

This also led to the establishment of our Melbourne office.

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Phase 3 - SaaS-Based Research Solution Launched

Calibre Process Builder.


The current phase is driven by our strategic focus on the investment process. This was born from our experience and learnings working with Australian and global clients since 1999. We recognised that the investment process was the paramount differentiator and competitive advantage of our diverse clients. We recognised that we already had the IP and the tools to help our clients systematise their investment process for long-term leverage by the business.  This was the impetus for the development of our new Calibre RMS suite of tools.

After several years in research and development, our Process Builder research solution was released into the global market. This was our purpose-built solution dedicated to our clients' investment process.  This unique toolset enabled asset managers to visualise, systematise and then leverage their process.  It strengthens the client’s unique process by plugging all key information into customisable visualisations to increase focus and information leverage. 

The tools and modules were engineered to be a fully integrated research management solution that captured collaboration with external research providers and companies.  It was designed to integrate both the quantitative and qualitative research and analysis in one place. For the first time, portfolio managers, heads of research and CIO's could explain their differentiated process to their clients and asset consultants.

We engineered Process Builder from the ground up on secure enterprise SaaS architecture that is available from anywhere in the world.  This meant our clients did not have to host servers themselves, reducing costs to a fraction of other solutions.  Moreover, our global architecture meant that our new clients could generally get up and running within 2-3 days, with no project work involved. We also designed the cloud tools with CQRS micro-services, caching every view on our servers so our clients can access all their research even in very low bandwidth scenarios.

The launch of our new SaaS-based cloud tools has led to new clients emerging from the United Kingdom and the European Union.

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Future Direction

Since the launch of the new cloud-based Calibre RMS, we have had significant interest from new and existing fund managers globally on the future direction of our product suites.

We are optimistic that our unique take on the investment process will continue to provide deep value to fund managers in the coming years.


Continuous Innovation

We have a track record of continuous innovation and in solving critical problems for our client base. Almost 20 years of cumulative experience and learnings gained from helping our clients drove the development of our new solutions and tools.

The SaaS architecture underpinning our new cloud tools was purposely engineered to allow our development team to remotely roll out new features and solutions for our clients in as little as a few days. These updates are deployed to our global cloud infrastructure and available immediately to users.