Microsoft Office Add-ins


Microsoft Office remains an integral software to the creation of investment research ideas

Calibre RMS has modern add-ins that integrate directly into these tools to make the power of Calibre RMS available wherever the analyst chooses


Excel Add-in

Sophisticated and feature rich

Almost 20 years of  innovation

Custom analytics with reported, broker estimates and internal team data

Review, edit and publish models

Model management with complete version history

Word Add-in

Purpose-built for analyst research

Enforce strong workflows

Research and content management for analysts

Produce detailed research notes using customised, dynamic templates

Enforce strong workflows within research and compliance teams

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Why Calibre?

At Calibre we have been helping asset managers with their research and investment processes for almost 20 years. Our expertise is used and trusted by top-tier fund managers because we are a proven solution that they have worked with over time.