Broker Daily Digest

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Your Personalised Broker Notifications and Signals


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Receive broker estimate revisions for companies in your portfolios and your coverage watchlist

You are automatically notified when your brokers revise specific line items that matter to your companies, such as EPS and EBITDA broker revisions

The Estimate Revisions vs Consensus signal helps to quickly determine the impact of broker revisions on your companies

Only companies that are relevant to you are included in your Broker Daily Digest

Your Broker Research Notifications

Personalised notifications of new broker research that is relevant to you

Be notified when your brokers publish new research that impacts your companies

Automatic notifications for companies you hold or in your coverage watchlist

Helps you stay on top of all the broker research that matters to you

Available Now

Broker Daily Digest is now available on our SaaS infrastructure for our Australian and global clients. 

This service is available at no extra cost.