About Calibre Process Builder

Process Builder builds on top of and is the next-generation of the Calibre Workspace and Excel tools you already know about. 

Your clients may ask about Process Builder.  We wanted to give you a quick overview of how this works.


At a glance:

- Is purpose built for your client's investment process

- Helps your clients visualise and systematise their investment process

- Is mobile ready and easy to use

- Gives your clients on-the-go investment research and analysis

- Consolidates their research, ideas & models in one platform

- Gives your clients live news feed notifications that are relevant to them

- Allows for quick and easy setups within 1-2 days and a significantly lower cost per user

- Maintains the security of your data so clients can only see the feeds you provide to them

- Does not require large capital outlays and your clients pay a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

What Process Builder does

Your clients visualise their Investment Process

Clients see their Investment Process and are able to fully customise their process to their unique needs. This lets your clients systematise their process. They are able to embed their approach and their competitive advantage into Process Builder.    

We designed Process Builder to help clients focus on their competitive advantage which we believe is their Investment Process.

They get an overall view of their holdings

Process Builder lets your clients see an up-to-date view of their holdings in the 'shape' of their Investment Process. These "helicopter views" give up-to-date visibility into their process and live snapshots into each company.   

Process Builder gives clients a holistic view of all quant and qualitative data.  They are able to view all the qualitative aspects such company management meetings and ESG scorecards in one place. Portfolio managers and analysts get live notifications of any changes to the view, such as changed scorecards or new meeting notes.

One of our goals for Process Builder was to help clients make effective investment decisions without the noise of irrelevant information.

Integrates all their quant and qualitative research

Your clients are able to integrate rich qualitative and quant research, analysis, notes and scorecards in one place. 

Process Builder gives them a flexible framework to undertake research with clients using scorecards that are specific to their process. It reminds clients that they haven't completed a step or that a company management review is due soon. 

Process Builder was designed to systematise the qualitative aspects of your clients Investment Process.  It gives portfolio managers deep visibility into their process and notifies the team if an item is out of date.

Your clients are able to go mobile with their research and analysis

Process Builder lets your clients work on the road. They are able to take their tablets into management meetings and then automatically notify the team of the meeting outcome and if the thesis has changed.

We designed the responsive user interface to work on desktop, mobile and table devices. It was built to work with limited internet access and syncs across all devices.  Clients are able to take all their research and analysis with them.  Teams are able to respond to a changed thesis instantly.

One of our aims was to engineer Process Builder to be mobile ready, right out of the box, so that clients don't have to spend time building the capability themselves.


Maintains the security of your data

Your clients can only see the feeds you provide to them.  Process Builder lets brokers have a direct, peer-to-peer relationship with their clients. 



We are here to support you and your clients

We have been helping your clients for almost 17 years and are very grateful for your continued support.

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