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The Calibre Process Builder lets investment teams share and leverage research, analysis and ideas in real-time.



Calibre Process Builder:

  • Is like Evernote or OneNote but purpose built for investment teams

  • Is mobile and tablet ready

  • Gives you on-the-go investment process capability

  • Consolidates all your research, ideas & models in one research solution

  • Lets you configure the investment process unique to your team

  • Improves communication & productivity by giving your team real-time news feed notifications

  • Supports both quant and qualitative processes

  • Is fast, scalable and easy to use

  • Is built on cutting edge & secure enterprise SaaS architecture


Calibre Process Builder lets your team collaborate across desktop, mobile and tablet devices

What next-generation research collaboration looks like:


Collaboration is critical to superior performance, so why is it so hard?


Analyst's struggle to find key research

Research notes, investment ideas and financial models are often stored in a plethora of places.  From network drives, research databases, in modelling software and on local machines.  Analysts often have great difficultly in finding all their research for a particular security.   This leads to inefficiencies that impact idea flows in real-time and ultimately impacts returns.


Have all your research in one place

Calibre Process Builder consolidates all your research into one, easy to use, cloud-based solution.  Your ideas, your quantitative & qualitative models, broker feeds, ESG scorecards and company meeting notes are all available in Calibre. 

Your team are notified of changes to an item (such as a updated ESG scorecard after a management meeting) in real-time and across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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View of real-time news feed notifications in Calibre Process Builder (Desktop)

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All your qualitative and quantitative research, ideas, analysis and scorecards in one place (Desktop)

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All management, analyst and meeting notes in one place for the security (Tablet )

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PM's can review all research, notes and models using the Team Review view (Tablet)

Portfolio Managers struggle to get a true snapshot of a company

Portfolio Managers need a holistic view of each holding that transcends traditional quant snapshots.  They also need a snapshot of all the qualitative aspects such management meeting notes and ESG scorecards.  Current systems are often file servers and document management systems at best.  Getting a snapshot view of 20 holdings becomes a tedious and time-consuming task. 



Have a 'helicopter view' of your holding in real-time

Calibre Process Builder gives you an up-to-date view of a holding in the 'shape' of your unique investment process.  By consolidating your quant and qualitative research and scorecards, you can instantly answer questions like:

  • What is our view on the holding?

  • How often have we met with management

  • Where are all our meeting notes?

  • What was our Investment Thesis and how has this changed over time?

  • What is the current Economic Moat and how has this changed over time?

  • What do current and past research for the security tell us?

  • How was the ESG scorecard changed over time?

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Real-time updates on your phone (Phone)

Tools not Mobile Ready

Existing tools are highly productive for their specialised tasks. They are not pragmatic for the on-the-go demands of research teams today.  Existing tools often don't function well on mobile devices.  They are often slow and have user interfaces that are difficult to navigate.  They often don't update in real-time across all devices automatically.  This limits their usefulness and diminishes productivity when teams are on the road.



Go mobile without building it yourself

Calibre Process Builder gives your entire research team on-the-go collaboration on phones and tablets (iPhone & Android).  Mobile capability is available right out-of-the-box.  Your technology team can focus on building your competitive advantage higher up the IT value chain.  This avoids spending the time and money on building a commodity capability that can be acquired for a fraction of the cost of internal builds.

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View the Investment Thesis for any holding and its status in Calibre Process Builder (Tablet)


poor communication makes teams less productive

Trying to find an analyst during reporting season is often challenging.  Getting their most recent financial model or reviewing their updated Investment Thesis can be even more difficult, especially if the team are out of the office.  Having to manually update or copy management meeting notes leads to diminished productivity. These information inefficiencies can lead to lost opportunities.


Get notified in real-time if a key scorecard or thesis changes

Turn your information flows into an asymmetric  advantage with Calibre Process Builder.  Calibre gives you visibility on all the aspects of your research process, in real-time.  So when your analyst takes notes during a management meeting, you will be notified and can review.  When she then changes a key scorecard and the Investment Thesis as she travels back to the office, you will be notified in real-time.  You can review on all the analysis, models and notes pertaining to the changes instantly and all on one place.

research stays in a silo rather than being leveraged for deeper insights

Most investment processes are still archaic. Excel and Word documents, research databases, files servers and manual appending of existing research notes and models.  The separation of the models, thesis, ESG scorecards and ongoing management notes make it impossible to form a holistic historical view of all the research and analysis.  Without the benefit of an all encompassing view, it is difficult to learn from the past.

Additionally, when key analysts leave this is often detrimental to the existing analysts and PMs.  Without a purpose built system to continually document a time-series of all the quant and qualitative analysis, the insights, methodologies and rationales; an analyst departure could mean a permanent loss in capability.



Configure your individual investment process

Calibre Process Builder decomposes the individual aspects of your research process into artifacts.  So not only can you see your ESG scorecard in real-time, you can also view how it has changed over time without having to go and find all the previous notes across various systems.  Back-test and see the trajectory of your ideas and scorecards easily.  Retain all the analytical outputs, ideas and rationales all within Calibre Process Builder, even if a key analyst has left the firm.

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Visualise your unique investment process with Calibre Process Builder (Tablet)


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Configure your unique investment process with Calibre Process Builder (Desktop)

What next-generation research collaboration looks like:


Why Calibre?

At Calibre we have been helping asset managers with their research and investment processes for almost 20 years. Our expertise is used and trusted by top-tier fund managers because we are a proven solution that they have worked with over time.

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