Collaboration and Idea Generation

Make smarter investment decisions. Purpose-built for active equity investment teams.


Research Anywhere

Capitalise on opportunities anywhere.

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Capitalise on investment opportunities anywhere - view, capture and update notes from any device

Respond to information that changes your investment thesis in real-time from any device, anywhere

Unfetter your research and ideas with access to all your research and thinking on the road


Daily Digest and Team Notifications

Smarter notifications. Stay informed with insights that matter to you.


Personalised insights and triggers on the companies you care about

Exploit changes across your opportunity set

Smarter research with notifications that highlight only what is relevant to you


Research Notifications

Know what your team are thinking. Keep the team updated.


Automate how research and investment decisions are shared across your team

Rapidly respond to a change in the investment thesis

Find better investment opportunities by leveraging team collaboration and information synergies from across the team


Company Modelling on the Road

Update your valuations on the road. Always work on the most recent model.


Model the impact of new company information at full intensity from any device

Be the first to respond to changes in company valuations without waiting until you’re back at your desk

Easily access and work off the most recent model

Confidently collaborate on a model with colleagues using Model Check In and Check Out


Company Workbench

Bring research out of silos. Make smarter investment decisions.


Bring research out of silos and increase research synergies across the investment team

Exploit opportunities with fully customised, cross-sectional insights for the team

Drive smarter investment decision-making with all your internal and external research, ideas and decisions in one place

Available on any device, anywhere


Team Dashboard

Centralise your team research and activities.

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Increase team collaboration and idea generation with team research, activities and decisions in one place

See the research, meetings and investment decisions across your team

Fully customised snippets and layouts to reflect how your team works