Company Modelling

A tightly integrated, end-to-end company modelling solution. Purpose-built for fundamental analysis.

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#1 Model Drivers

Drive your models with fully customised feeds and assumptions specific to your process.


Consensus Estimates

Bespoke Broker Feeds

Bespoke Commodity and Macro Estimates

Your Team Estimates

Reported Financials

Specify the data and line items you want.

Fully customisable to your process.

Easily leverage broker estimates in your research.


#2 Model Capture

Save all your model estimates to a central time-series engine. Access all your model estimates on the road.

#1 Capture all your estimates


Capture and publish all your model estimates with the Calibre RMS Excel plugin.


#2 Access anywhere


Mobile access to your model estimates

Sync and access all your model estimates to any device, anywhere using the Calibre RMS secure enterprise cloud architecture.


#3 Model Management

Access your full Excel models on the road with version history and audit trails.

#1 Model Check Out


Model Check Out locks down the centrally stored company model whilst it is being worked on.

Analysts can specify a reason for the check out which will be visible in the version history and audit trail of the model.


#2 Model Check In


Model Check In uploads the model to the secure enterprise cloud so that it is accessible by all team members.

Analysts must specify details of the changes made which is reflected in the version history and audit trail of the model.


#3 On the road access of complete Excel models


Access your full Excel models when on the road.

Available on mobile, tablet and desktop.


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