Central Research Database

The central financial database powering your analysis


Analysts, Portfolio Managers and Heads of Research need a single repository for all their data  

Existing solutions struggle to unify and consolidate both quantitative and qualitative data into a single repository

How Calibre RMS helps


Quantitative and Qualitative

Bespoke data

Purpose built


A centralised database of all information that supports your investment decision making

A robust, single source of truth for all your bespoke intellectual property and that of your third party providers

For a typical client our financial database holds tens of thousands of data points across a wide range of variables, hundreds of companies and through time


A time-series database of research artefacts accessed via the cloud

Unify your quantitative and qualitative data


More than just financial data, the database also holds company meetings, contact information, investment process details, scorecards, investment research and meeting notes



Every research artefact in Calibre RMS is stored as a time-series to allow downstream processing and enhance investment decision making

Easily accessible where you make decisions

Data can be manipulated within the system or easily accessed to feed into other tools using our API's such as:

  • Excel

  • Word

  • Our cloud based tools

  • Our via our APIs into any custom system or statistical package

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Why Calibre?

At Calibre we have been helping asset managers with their research and investment processes for almost 20 years. Our expertise is used and trusted by top-tier fund managers because we are a proven solution that they have worked with over time.