Team Notifications and Daily Digest

What matters to you, delivered directly to your inbox


Filters what is relevant and delivers to your inbox


Rich, customisable emails that highlight the most important changes across your investment opportunity set


Delivered to your inbox or across your team

Customise your Daily Digest

Examples of notifications include:


  • Key earnings estimate changes from brokers

  • Summary of company meeting notes from the internal investment team

  • Changes to investment thesis by analysts

  • Changes to company valuations from internal analysts

  • Change in company assessment that result in a company now passing or failing the investment process


Configured to your needs

Emails can be set to deliver Daily, Weekly or Monthly

All companies or only those in the portfolio

Data from only the team, or from brokers as well

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Why Calibre?

At Calibre we have been helping asset managers with their research and investment processes for almost 20 years. Our expertise is used and trusted by top-tier fund managers because we are a proven solution that they have worked with over time.