How Investment Managers use Calibre to drive their research and Investment Process

An Overview for Investment Consultants

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How clients systematise their investment process with Calibre


Clients use Calibre Process Builder to encapsulate,. systematise, scale and leverage their investment process.

Calibre Process Builder is fully customised to each clients’ investment process.

Key processes are defined and tracked under each stage of the investment process.


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Investment Consultants have deep visibility into how each company progressed through the investment process.

Investment Consultants can see all the research and decision-making with real-time drill-downs into any company.



How best practices are integrated into the investment process using Calibre


Calibre clients integrate rich scorecards and qualitative metrics at each stage of their process to systematically capture key factors.

Workflow management and automated review periods help clients keep track and provides Investment Consultants deep, real-time visibility on the status and currency of a research piece or company interaction.


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Clients use Calibre Analyst Notes to systematise their capture, analysis and decision-making.

Extensive Model Management is used to provide a audit trail of all model changes.



How Clients integrate and Leverage qualitative and quantitative research

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Calibre enables clients to see a holistic view of all the research, interactions, scorecards, factors and data from across their investment process.

Customisable Workbench snippets enables bespoke, cross-sectional analysis and insights for clients and Investment Consultants.



Clients use Calibre to capture, measure and compare rich qualitative data.

Investment Consultants can easily understand how this rich qualitative and quantitative data is integrated into the investment process.



Calibre clients have a unified, central repository of all their research

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Clients centralise all of their research, analysis and investment decision making using Calibre Process Builder.

Analysts and portfolio managers are able to access, update and show all the research on a company from any device, anywhere in the world.

Investment Consultants have a real-time view into all the research and decision-making on a company.



Audit Trails for Transparency and deep Visibility across the investment process

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Clients and Investment Consultants both benefit from the unrivalled transparency and deep visibility that Calibre provides.

Investments Consultants can delve into the audit trails at the:

  • Individual research artefact level

  • Company research level

  • Team research level



About Calibre

More than $110Bn is Actively Managed Using Calibre RMS

Calibre RMS has been developed through extensive consultation with the active asset management industry and Calibre's global clients that actively manage more than $110Bn in FUM.

Calibre RMS is a comprehensive suite of tools, purpose-built for institutional asset managers.

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Why Calibre?

At Calibre we have been helping asset managers with their research and investment processes for almost 20 years. Our expertise is used and trusted by top-tier fund managers because we are a proven solution that they have worked with over time.