Fully Integrated Investment Process

The problem with stock screens and finding alpha

Alpha is usually delivered when a team consistently applies a proven investment process

How do you ensure that all the analysts in your team are applying your investment process consistently and rigorously?

What visibility does the team have into the judgements analysts make in the application of these views to specific stocks?

Answering these questions effectively helps to not only extract the alpha from your research, but also communicate the advantages of your investment approach to clients.

Tighten your Investment Process with Calibre RMS



- Your competitive advantage with only the steps and factors that you have identified contribute to alpha



- Your key differentiator



- Your successes are are reproducible and scalable



- Scale your process and success across mandates and geographies

A cross-sectional view across each step in a Investment Process

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Why Calibre?

At Calibre we have been helping asset managers with their research and investment processes for almost 20 years. Our expertise is used and trusted by top-tier fund managers because we are a proven solution that they have worked with over time.