Modelling and Analytics

End-to-end, fully integrated tools for equity research


Company Modelling

Automate your modelling and valuation. Find better opportunities.


A fully integrated, end-to-end modelling ecosystem:

Model Drivers - Drive your models with fully customised broker feeds and assumptions specific to your process

Model Capture - Save all your internal and external model estimates centrally and access from any device, anywhere

Model Management - Access full Excel models on the road with a history of changes


Broker Estimates

Fully Customised. Automated. Detailed.


Integrate detailed, fully customised broker estimates and assumptions into your decision-making

Automate the delivery of detailed broker forecasts directly from your choice of brokers

Focus on finding new opportunities with customised and specific line items that map to your process


Custom Analytics

A smarter way to generate investment ideas.

A comprehensive toolset for custom analysis of your internal and external data. Custom Analytics is used when existing vendor tools are unable to provide the customisation and flexibility needed for your investment process.


Peer, Industry and Sector Analysis



Custom Reports and Analysis

Broker Estimates Analysis and Reporting


Calculation Engine and Custom Factors

Integrate proprietary quantitative processes into fundamental research

Data Operator iPad.png

Calculation Engine

A purpose-built, time-series engine for equity research

Custom Factors

Easily create proprietary factors specific to your investment process


Integration with other tools

Use your data sources. Avoid being locked in.


Flexible integration with other modelling and analytics tools without being locked into a proprietary system

Use the data sources that best fits your investment process

Programming libraries customised for equity modelling and analysis