Note Templates for Analysts


Why Structure Matters?

Analysts consistently address specific issues in a systematic way

Analysts capture research in a structured way while also having flexibility

Customised Note Templates encapsulate the way you analyse a company and capture only the sections that matter to your process

Focuses analyst thinking on how events such as an earnings call impact the Investment Thesis


Note Template Examples

Note Templates and sections are fully configurable to reflect the unique processes of each team


Results Note


Company Meetings


Investment Thesis


Site Visits

Investor Day Events


Company Filings

External Research


Quick Notes


A Single Repository For All Your Research


A complete history of all your

  • Analysts Notes

  • Models

  • Meetings

  • Scorecards in one place


Retrieve and access from anywhere

Calibre RMS can help you migrate your library of notes from Evernote, OneNote, Word or other formats into Analyst Notes


Easy Access On The road


Take Analyst Notes when and where you need to:

  • in the boardroom

  • during an analyst call

  • at a investor day or broker conference

  • on a site visit in a remote location

Work across desktop, tablet and mobile


Note Templates is a feature of Analyst Notes

The Analyst Problem

  • Existing solutions are not fit for purpose

  • Analysts unable to find notes as they are in a multitude of places such as email, Evernote, network drives or in physical notebooks

  • Analysts want access to notes and related research from anywhere and on any device

  • Analysts wants tools to help them consistently address the same issues in structured way, easily prepare for meetings beforehand and more effectively focus on the impacts to the investment thesis

Our Solution

  • A single repository for all your research notes

  • On the road access from any device

  • Structured sections in Note Templates ensure analysts consistently address the same issues in a systematic method

  • Company and investment process aware note-taking that is tightly integrated into our broader, institutional-grade research solution - Calibre RMS.


More than $110Bn is Actively Managed Using Calibre RMS

The Analyst Notes module of Calibre RMS has been developed through extensive consultation with the active asset management industry and Calibre's global clients that actively manage more than $110Bn in FUM.

Calibre RMS is a comprehensive suite of tools, purpose-built for institutional asset managers.

Note Templates is part of our Analyst Notes Module. To learn more about Analyst Notes, click here.

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