Calibre Financial Technology Pty Ltd (“Calibre”) takes its responsibilities to safeguard your personal and proprietary information very seriously.

We are required to satisfy legal regulations relating to privacy in the countries we operate, and our company is committed to doing so at all levels in the organisation.

Depending on the nature of your relationship with us, we may capture, store, transfer and present:

Personal data:

  • Personal information relating to your identity

    • name

    • employer

    • role

    • qualifications

  • Your contact details

    • employer’s address

    • work email

    • work phone

    • private phone (where you have provided it to us)

  • Usage and tracking information

And proprietary data, such as:

  • information you have given us about your team’s approach to investment during the sales process

  • data you have stored into Calibre’s Investment Research systems

  • market and research data provided by you

  • documents such as company models and research

This privacy policy focuses on Personal data only, explains how we capture, store and use it and also how we delete it where required.

Proprietary data can in some cases also be personal data and we will also explain how we manage this.


Capturing Personal Information



Calibre regularly captures personal data for 2 purposes:

  • Marketing and Sales – letting you know periodically about our research system or following up your interest in our services

  • User Management – you are a user of our product and we need to manage this usage


Calibre may collect this information from different sources:

  • you fill out an enquiry form on our website

  • you call and speak to a Calibre employee

  • a colleague of yours may provide us with your contact details

  • your website may provide this information

  • your name and role may be mentioned in a professional journal or news article.


Marketing use of personal data



The Marketing team may use your personal data to contact you to keep you up to date on the Calibre systems, features and offers. This applies only if you are not a user of Calibre’s Research Systems. Our website uses cookies and tracking to help us to tailor and to improve your experience. By using our website, you are agreeing to these tools being used.

It is our policy to:

  • avoid nuisance by sending a large number of emails to you

  • provide marketing communication from Calibre that will always offer an unsubscribe option to allow you to opt out of these emails

  • provide you with the personal information we have in our marketing systems related to you – please email

  • delete all personal information we have in our marketing systems related to you – please email


Calibre may share this personal data with another organisation for the purposes of automation or of outsourcing some of our marketing functions to external service providers. However, Calibre will ensure these organisations have strong privacy policies and protections before doing so.

User Management and personal data



As a user of Calibre software, we need to store your identity and some contact information as well as your role, to allow you to use our Research Systems. Your organisation will have given us permission to do this as well as providing the information.

Calibre will not share your personal data acquired as a user of our systems with any other organisation.


Opting out


You can email us to to stop sending you marketing messages at any time. You can also request:

  • that we delete all of your personal information (unless you are a user of Calibre’s Research Management system)

  • that we provide you will all personal information we hold related to you.


Proprietary data containing personal information



Calibre’s Research systems are very flexible about the nature of the information stored in them for research purposes. Personal information is often stored with or without our knowledge as general research information:

  • Internal Funds Management (“FM”) – A FM team may decide to store personal data relating to its employees, typically this is Name, Contact details, Location, and Role related information.

  • Research House (“RH”) information – Stored to be disseminated to client organisation of the RH.

Calibre’s policy relating to this information is that your employer is responsible for ensuring you understand the personal information being stored in this way.

In addition:

  • we will not access or use this information for our internal purposes such as marketing.

  • we will ensure that access to this information is strictly controlled in line with our highly secure treatment of all proprietary data.

  • if you are an employee of a Research House sharing this information with its clients, we expect that you have given consent for this sharing.

  • if you are an employee of a Fund manager storing this information for internal use, we expect that you have given consent for this purpose.


Data Security



Calibre has always adopted best practise for data security and holds British Standards Institute (BSI) ISO/IEC 270001 accreditation. This is an internationally recognised certificate for best practice framework for managing information security.


Collecting data from Children under 13 years



Calibre’s products are designed for investment professionals. We do not collect information from children and if we become aware of having done so, the information will be deleted. However, in general we consider date of birth information to be not required and do not request or collect it.


GDPR and Calibre



The European Union “EU” GDPR relates to the handling of private information of EU citizens.

Calibre at the time of writing does not have an office in the EU, however we expect that to change and plan to ensure we satisfy all GDPR requirements in due course.