Purpose-built tools to help equity analysts and portfolio managers make smarter investment decisions


Company Workbench

See opportunities where others can’t.

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Profit from opportunities that others can’t see with rich cross-sectional insights

Gain a unified view of all your internal and external research on a company in one place

Drive smarter investment decision-making with all your ideas in one place

Accessible from any device, anywhere


Analyst Notes

Document your decision-making. Make better investment decisions.


Smarter research and decision-making specifically designed for equity analysts and portfolio managers

Profit from opportunities anywhere - view, capture and update notes from any device

Replicate your successes with templates to structure your decision-making

Immediately notify your team to respond to opportunities with automated notifications


Meetings and Interactions

Document your company interactions. Justify your decisions.


Profit from your company interactions

Identify and exploit information asymmetries that others may have missed from having all your company meetings, decisions and supporting evidence in one place

Easily attach research and evidence to a meeting

Justify your decisions with fully integrated audit trails



Structure your knowledge capture.


Structure your research and thought process to quickly identify investment opportunities

Scale your successes by systematising your decision-making

Screen and profit from your opportunity set using your own, detailed qualitative research

Respond to new information immediately - view, capture and update scorecards from any device without opening Excel


Audit Trails and Compliance Dashboard

Justify your decisions to regulators.


Confidently respond to information requests from regulators

Prove your research process to external stakeholders

Peace of mind with fully integrated audit trails across your entire investment process

Drive continuous improvement by monitoring the efficacy and rigour of your research