Why Calibre RMS?

Calibre RMS was built from the ground up to help investors

Leading Australian and global asset managers, including some of the largest managers in the world depend on Calibre RMS


End-to-End Solution

With almost 20 years of focusing on the research needs of active equity teams we have gained an unparalleled level of understanding in how to help analysts, portfolio managers and heads of research.

This has led to us building a comprehensive end-to-end solution for equity research rather than just focusing on the easy parts such as notes, research organisation and other aesthetic or simple features like other systems.

Calibre RMS is the only research solution that can provide teams with deep functionality such as fully integrated model management or the ability to automatically import custom broker and internal estimates directly into qualitative research.

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Company Workbench

Equity Domain Research System

Calibre RMS is the only research solution that is domain specific to equity research teams.

This means that every research artefact from company models to notes, meetings and scorecards are company and process-aware.

This is fundamentally distinct from other systems which effectively provide a content management solution that lacks the equity domain intelligence to bring together all the various parts of your research such as custom broker estimates or internal estimates.

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Integrated Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Other research solutions often have the analytics siloed from the qualitative research.

A key reason why clients choose Calibre RMS is our capability in bringing together all your quantitative and qualitative research.

Company models, broker estimates, internal team estimates and all qualitative research is unified and available from any device, anywhere.

Fully Customisable

Calibre RMS was built to be highly customisable to the needs and workflows of your team.

Customisable broker estimates, note templates, analyst models, meetings and scorecards.

Multi-team configuration to suit the specific needs of each strategy.

Customisable access control for investment and compliance teams.


Calibre RMS is vendor and data provider agnostic.

Our clients avoid being locked into proprietary, single vendor systems that can limit their flexibility as their needs change.

Calibre RMS clients have the flexibility of using multiple and bespoke data sources without being restricted to what can and can not be done.

Responsive to Client Needs

New features are released frequently and consistently to help our existing clients to solve their research challenges.

Our 20 years of Fintech heritage and agile operating model ensures we can rapidly deliver continuously updated software to clients.

Avoid having to wait months for a new feature request to be actioned like other vendors.

Experience a level of customisation and responsiveness that is not available with other vendors.

Intuitive User Interface

Accelerate user adoption through easy to use interfaces across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Calibre RMS has been designed to make it intuitive for analysts and portfolio managers to use post deployment, without the ‘clunky’ experience that often limits the uptake of other research management solutions.

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Fully Managers and Available on Any Device, Anywhere

Secure enterprise cloud infrastructure allows access from any device, anywhere in the world.

Our fully managed solution enables teams to reduce the deployment costs and time-frames, reduce the total cost of ownership and simplify the complexity of their research infrastructure.

Support Offices.png

Personable, Responsive Support From Domain Experts

Support from highly experienced equity research domain specialists.

Implementation and client customisation from a team with extensive experience delivering and customising equity research solutions for some of the largest and most sophisticated asset managers in the world.

Our clients leverage our equity research domain experience for consulting and best-practice approaches, long after the initial implementation phase.