Your Research Process, Optimised

Tools for fundamental equity analysts and portfolio managers


Make better investment decisions.


See opportunities where others can’t.

Document your decision-making.

Track your company interactions and meetings.

Structure your knowledge capture.

Justify your decisions to regulators.


Modelling and Analytics

Automate modelling processes. Spend more time finding investment opportunities.


Automate your modelling and valuation. Find better opportunities.

Automate and integrate custom broker estimates and assumptions into your decisions.

A better way to generate investment ideas.

Integrate proprietary quantitative processes into fundamental research.

Use any data sources, avoid being locked into proprietary systems.


Collaboration and Idea Generation

Leverage your entire team for better investment decision-making.


Capitalise on opportunities anywhere.

Smarter notifications. Stay informed with insights that matter to you.

Know what your team are thinking. Keep them updated.

Update your valuations on the road. Always work on the most recent model.

Bring research out of silos. Make better investment decisions.

Centralise your team research and activities.


Calibre RMS is trusted by some of the largest asset managers in the world.

More than $130Bn is actively managed with Calibre RMS.


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