Next Generation Investment Research Management System

Streamline your unique investment research process

CalibreRMS offers an easy to use and highly customisable platform, where you can create, view and share all your company and thematic research and modelling effortlessly.

Investment research software multi device image showing notes, scorecards and company research

Analysts: Save time and streamline your research workflow

With CalibreRMS, you can:

  • Easily capture all your company and thematic research in notes, models and scorecards
  • Share and collaborate with your team data at your fingertips on fully customisable dashboards
  • Have all your internal and external research and data at your fingertips on fully customisable dashboards

Portfolio Managers: Gain visibility and insights across your portfolio

With CalibreRMS, you can:

  • View all your team’s research to support investment decisions
  • Analyse your portfolio, using internal and external research and data
  • Manage your team’s research process and decision-making process consistently

ESG Specialists: Integrate ESG and Active Ownership into the way you work

With CalibreRMS, you can:

  • Bring disparate third party ESG data into one place
  • Structure and quantify your own ESG research
  • Analyse your portfolio performance on ESG factors
  • Plan and keep track of your engagements
  • Align your proxy voting with your engagement objectives

Why CalibreRMS

Your Research and Data

Unify your research, internal and third party data, and workflow in one user-friendly platform.

Your Way of Working

Configure CalibreRMS to fit in around your team’s tools, data and investment research process.

Backed by our Deep Expertise

With 20 years of investment analytics experience, our solution is flexible, secure and scalable.

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Concepts like true ESG integration into investment research, systematic tracking of engagements with our investee companies and a research management platform that is consistent with our uniquely collaborative approach to company research are non-negotiables for us. Calibre has proved invaluable in delivering in all these key areas.

Colin Dishington and Paul Sloane Portfolio Managers, Global Emerging Markets, Martin Currie UK