ESG Research

Integrate ESG research into the way you work

Integrating ESG factors into your investment decision-making can be challenging, where data may be incomplete and changing, and your team’s research includes subjective and qualitative analysis. CalibreRMS helps you to bring disparate ESG data into one place, structure and quantify your own research, and analyse your portfolio position.


Include ESG research and data in your company and portfolio dashboards, to understand ESG performance alongside other financial research

Notes and Scorecards

Capture your research and thinking about ESG performance in a structured way, to help quantify sustainability, and rank or screen companies

Embedding ESG in your process

Define and demonstrate how you integrate ESG research into your decision-making, helping to streamline youra team’s work, and satisfy regulatory requirements

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For ESG research, we don't draw on any single external source. What we want is to look across multiple different sources to see where there are consistencies or inconsistencies, to use that as a challenge to our view, to make sure that we’re thinking about the issues in a robust way. CalibreRMS has everything side by side, which really speeds up the process, and our investment teams love being able to share the information on ESG research immediately and see that in a consistent way.

Alison George As Head of Research at Regnan